MONTAN Gesellschaft VOSS mbH - MONTAN VOSS Group


Montan Voss KG was founded in 1973.  Its business content was the import of steel from Eastern Europe (formerly Eastern Bloc) to Western Europe.


In 1990 the change of the company name into MONTAN Gesellschaft VOSS mbH took place.


Upon the political change of the Eastern European countries in 1990 subsidiary in the Czech Republic was founded. Further on, the systematically organization and acquisition of some stocks in Czech Republic followed.


MONTAN VOSS Group has an annual and worldwide steel purchase of approx. 200.000 tons.  These are mainly flat products such as coils, strips and sheets as well as long products in form of tubes and profiles.

Up to this date, MONTAN VOSS Group has more than 10 own warehouses as well rented forwarding warehouses in Germany, Belgium and The Netherlands. Thus, MONTAN VOSS Group is able to supply just-in-time for our customers with their warehouses and a daily stock on hand of about 30.000 tons of steel.

With our logistic concept and quality management certification acc. to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 we represent a modern and medium-sized service company in the steel area and are a reliable partner for our customers.



Dietmar Voss